Alberto Tufaile

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Instituto de Física
Universidade de São Paulo
Caixa Postal 66318
05389-970 São Paulo - SP
phone: +55(11) 38186915 or secretary of DFGE +55(11)38186931
fax: +55(11) 38134334

Research area : Experimental Chaos

Nowadays he has a Pos-doc position (FAPESP) at Physics Institute, USP.

PhD: Thesis title STUDY OF BUBBLE FORMATION IN VISCOUS FLUIDS, supervisor Prof. José Carlos Sartorelli , Nonlinear Phenomena Laboratory of General Physics Department (LFNL), Physics Institute, São Paulo University.(see: A. Tufaile, J.C. Sartorelli, Chaotic behavior in bubble formation dynamics, Physica A 275 (2000) 336-346.)

Period three in a bubbling: even though the bubbles are issued in pairs, the second bubble is created in two stages.

Master Thesis: COMBINED MAPS AND LEAKY FAUCET EXPERIMENT. Supervisor Prof. Dr. José Carlos Sartorelli (1996).


We have studied three types of combinations of nonlinear one-dimensional maps: serial, parallel and internal combination. The bifurcation diagrams obtained were compared to the experimental data from the dripping faucet experiment. We observed that different bifurcation processes were related to different kind of map combination. We have shown that the modulation of the control parameter of the maps does not affect the auto-similarity properties present in the logistic map. So the modulation of the control parameter, observed experimentally, could be used in the map combination. (see: A. Tufaile, R.D. Pinto, W.M. Gonçalves, J.C. Sartorelli, Simulations in a dripping faucet experiment, Physics Letters A 255, (1999), 58-64).






          Image obtained from the experiment in which the bubbling at center creates antibubbles.


For an introduction in antibubbles Tufaile recommends An antibubble is an amazing type of bubble in liquid that apparently does not comply the buoyancy, and after few minutes it disappears suddenly inside the liquid. Tufaile and Sartorelli have found that the antibubbling regime is a combination of bubbling and dripping process. This work accepted for publication in Physical Review E:

Title: Bubble and spherical air shell formation dynamics


We have studied the formation dynamics of air bubbles emitted from a nozzle submerged in aqueous glycerol solutions of different viscosities. We have described the evolution of the bubbling regimes by using the air flow rate as a control parameter and the time between successive bubbles as a dynamical variable. Some results concerning to bubbling coalescence were emulated with the combination of simple maps. We have also observed the formation of air shells surrounding liquid drops inside the liquid, known as antibubbles. The antibubbling conditions were related to an intermittent chaotic regime.


Tufaile and Sartorlelli have presented a poster in 7th ECC (Experimental Chaos Conference) in San Diego with the title Anti-bubbles, CA, USA, 24-29 August 2002, and they received the prize of an outstanding poster presentation.



Tufaile likes painting; he has made a copy from a Jan Vermeer’s painting, the astronomer: