"In big things it's enough to just have the will"
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Tiago Pereira

This is me

Assistant Professor
Center for Mathematics, Computation and Cognition

Scientific Interests

A central theme in my research is the collective behavior on complex networks. I have tried to contribute 
to this problem using techniques of theoretical physics and applied analysis. I also have interest in the theory of dynamical systems, random matrix theory and quantum mechanics. In particular, spectral properties of certain normal and hermitian operators.

Current Research

Recent experiments have shown that various levels of synchronization are needed to avoid pathological activities and enable a network to have flexibility and robustness. Despite the growing  interest in network dynamics, the present state of knowledge cannot explain the various levels of synchronization observed in real-life complex systems.

The fundamental goals of this research are to examine various levels of synchronization in weighted and asymmetric heterogeneous networks such as the formation of  clusters  of synchronized elements, and the origin of re-emergent patterns leading to synchronization waves. Our results suggest that scale-free networks may have evolved to complement various levels of synchronization.

  Recent Papers

   A.M. Venezianni, T. Pereira and D.H.U. Marchetti
   Conformal Deformation of Equilibrium Measures in Normal Random Ensembles
   Jour. Phys. A: Math.  Theor. 44, 075202 (2011)
   arXiv:0909.0978v1 [math.PR]

  Tiago Pereira
  Hub Synchronization in Scale-free Networks
  Physical Review E 82, 036201 (2010)
  Arxiv paper

   T. Pereira and D.H.U. Marchetti
   Quantum States Allowing Minimum Uncertainty Product of phi and Lz
   Progress in Theoretical Physics 122, 1137 (2009)
   arXiv:0805.1331 [math-ph]